Windermere Foundation: Celebrating 30 Years of Giving

Giving back has always been a big part of who we are at Windermere and how I live my life. In the early days of our company, it was pretty simple; we would see a need and help any way we could. But as we grew, we realized we could accomplish much more if we had a common purpose. That’s how the Windermere Foundation was born.

A big idea

We started with an idea that would give every Windermere agent the ability to make a difference. Housing is our business, so helping homeless families seemed like a natural fit. We later expanded that to include low-income families, with an emphasis on helping children.

Every time a home is sold

For the past 30 years, a portion of every Windermere agent’s commission has been donated to the Windermere Foundation. Having 100% participation gives us a common purpose and sends a powerful message about our commitment to the community.

Who we help

Last year alone we provided funding to more than 500 organizations throughout the Western U.S. Homeless shelters, food banks, schools, hospitals, community centers, parks; the list goes on. The main thing that they all have in common is a deep devotion to helping our neighbors in need.

How we help

Our agents have proven time and time again how committed they are to making their communities a better place to live. Their generosity funds backpacks full of food so school kids don’t go hungry on the weekends. They help keep families in their homes by covering housing costs. And their donations make sure the homeless are getting their most basic needs met, and the dignity that goes with it.

Thank you

If at any point during the past 30 years you’ve bought or sold a home using a Windermere agent, you are a part of the Windermere Foundation too, and you’ve helped make a positive difference in your community. And for that, we thank you on behalf of everyone at Windermere.

If you would like to learn more about the Windermere Foundation, please visit

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New Life to Fort Collins Alleys

Alley ways Multi colored heart painted on gray brick wallhave long been known as dangers or sources of shame… an almost-accidental space between buildings. Not quite streets but still drivable passages; not private, but not public enough to feel safe. But in the places where these spaces have been revitalized and repurposed, there’s a particular delight in their new use.

Fort Collins is following in the footsteps of cities like Seattle, Los Angeles and Baltimore in a trendsetting series to bring new life to these urban alleys, all while increasing usable public space.

This month will be the first ever Downtown Hidden Spaces Series. A family-friendly celebration that features art, music, refreshments and games amongst the bright artwork, architectural enhancements, garden patios and vibrant landscaping of Old Town’s improved alleys!

The first event is coming up on May 31st, then they’ll host two more throughout the year — June 15th and September 20th.


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