Community May 14, 2019

New Life to Fort Collins Alleys

Alley ways Multi colored heart painted on gray brick wallhave long been known as dangers or sources of shame… an almost-accidental space between buildings. Not quite streets but still drivable passages; not private, but not public enough to feel safe. But in the places where these spaces have been revitalized and repurposed, there’s a particular delight in their new use.

Fort Collins is following in the footsteps of cities like Seattle, Los Angeles and Baltimore in a trendsetting series to bring new life to these urban alleys, all while increasing usable public space.

This month will be the first ever Downtown Hidden Spaces Series. A family-friendly celebration that features art, music, refreshments and games amongst the bright artwork, architectural enhancements, garden patios and vibrant landscaping of Old Town’s improved alleys!

The first event is coming up on May 31st, then they’ll host two more throughout the year — June 15th and September 20th.